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  • Balance at Work

    The demands of the modern workplace are intense. 90% of office employees wish to eat better. Healthy habits make a huge difference.


    We here at Lotus Catering offer a fresh or frozen delivery subscription at very affordable prices. We ship to most major cities in the continental United States.


    All of our products are certified organic and ethically produced. Eating health should be as easy as flipping a switch.

  • Our Bounty

    Mango Kiwi Bowl

    Delivered fresh or frozen

    $10 / week / person

    Peach Berry Bowl

    Delivered fresh or frozen

    $12 / week / person

    Kiwi Banana Bowl

    Delivered fresh or frozen

    $10 / week / person

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    Obesity in America Keeps Getting Worse, Says New CDC Report. Obesity leads to decreased self-confidence which can result in job failures, relationship failures, etc. these sort of things can depress the person and therefore is a very dangerous thing! That is why we need Ketovatru Australia. ...
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